“(Nevermind those) Curvy Days”

It’s all tomorrow’s and yesterday’s
Never mind those curvy days
I think I’m really far away.
You know, I must be dreaming.

Sounds in spin and make believe
Watch the moon rise through the trees
All not really make believe
I think I must be sleeping.

Never mind the long way home
Sweet ideas and light to come
Beyond the pale with time to spend
Hello I must be dreaming.

Enough of joyful slumber time
Waking slowly into the dawn
I think I’m really here today
You know, I think I’m sleeping

All days pushed to the bright redline
Making sure we run out of time
Perhaps I’ve really gone away
Maybe I think I’m dreaming.

Slumber away to meet sun
Keep the monsters on the run
Never mind goes curvy days
You know I must be dreaming

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