“Strawberry Compote”

Have a look at all of these. Very nice.

RENDERED IMPRESSIONS / Original Oil Paintings by Catherine J. Martzloff

“Strawberry Compote”  6″x 8″ oil on canvas (Available)

Spring strawberry festivals remind me of small home town environments.  I also think of ice cream and old fashioned glass compotes.

This still life oil painting came about from that inspiration. The glass bowl I found as I was walking downtown by the local ice cream shop. The woman who owns the shop was cleaning out and getting ready for the new season. She had put a box of “Free” items on one of the benches.  As I walked by I noticed this pretty little bowl and decided to take it.  Glass lover that I am, I thought at some point it might come in handy.  And so it did!

This small painting came about with a spirit of simplicity in mind.  Focusing on the essence of the berries and architecture of the glass a more abstract interpretation emerged.  I like the…

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O213: Time Smiles Uncertainly

Beautifully developed organic colors.

Fruitful Dark

This invented landscape has about 10,000 layers of oil and wax on it. The foreground is almost carved out of the many layers underneath. In my recent paintings since I took up the brush again, this thicket of brush at the end of riverbed or marsh kept pushing itself to the fore. I lie awake sometimes at night and wonder what it signifies – everything points.


The final composition, shown above, was a somewhat serendipitous outcome that happened when I re-painted the initial sky I had put down. The first and final versions are shown side-by-side below:

When I painted this, my I kept wondering if this was the sort of landscape that old Hsieh Ling-Yun had wandered around in when we wrote this poem.

Written on the Lake While Returning    to Stone Cliff Hermitage Dawn to dusk, the weather constantly changed, mountain and lake sometimes vibrant in sunlight, bright…

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