Charles Ray Art & Music, to merge into Kings Market Community

We are very excited to announce that Charles Ray Art & Music will be merging into Kings Market Community

On April 20, 2019 Charles Ray Art & Music will become part of the global marketplace of Kings Market Community. We at Charles Ray Art & Music are delighted to become part of a larger global landscape which will allow for a significant increase in viewership, thanks to Kings Market’s broad global network.

While we set up the technology exchange of data and information, please have a look at Kings Market Community and join the exploration of community and exchange.

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What is Kings Market Community?

Kings Market Community is global marketplace and a place to land for approaching the day to day challenges and logistics of the home.

Since inception, Kings Market has been coordinating with various like minded folks around the world. Many in person, in their home country, and many more in “cyber-land” ; including the sharing of knowledge which helps us all in demystifying the complexities of our common interest.

Today, hundreds are making the most of our community interaction and taking on their “next great ideas”  with knowledge that gives them confidence in their pursuits.

We hope that all of you who have followed Charles Ray Art & Music will follow us to our new home at Kings Market Community.