A fun one for the weekend – new Music “Its all supposing”


Its all Supposing 

Met her on a Saturday, Told her I’d make her queen for the day. She said, I can’t be bothered with that, and crowns always tend to make me look fat.

So I told her I would be back in a week. A sliming crown the was the promise to keep. She laughed and wished me bonne journée. Off to the Crownsmith, fiddle de dee.

Met her the next Saturday. Told her I’d make her queen for the day. She smiled and seemed quizzical. More like metaphysical.

Not quite what she had in mind. A brand new crown, but it’s upside down. She said can you imagine that, a crown that makes my head look fat.

Some days are forever and a day. Some days look the other way. She asks how it would look at night. Let’s lay by the stream and sort the sky.

Met her on a Saturday. I think it was in the month of May. Or maybe it was some other day. You know how memories go their own way.

Her eyes said yes, I’ll wear your crown. They spoke to me without a sound.

Where we go, no one knows it. Where we land its all supposing.

“(Nevermind those) Curvy Days”

It’s all tomorrow’s and yesterday’s
Never mind those curvy days
I think I’m really far away.
You know, I must be dreaming.

Sounds in spin and make believe
Watch the moon rise through the trees
All not really make believe
I think I must be sleeping.

Never mind the long way home
Sweet ideas and light to come
Beyond the pale with time to spend
Hello I must be dreaming.

Enough of joyful slumber time
Waking slowly into the dawn
I think I’m really here today
You know, I think I’m sleeping

All days pushed to the bright redline
Making sure we run out of time
Perhaps I’ve really gone away
Maybe I think I’m dreaming.

Slumber away to meet sun
Keep the monsters on the run
Never mind goes curvy days
You know I must be dreaming